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Motherhood Musings is a passionate space that speaks to the challenges today’s mothers experience. The purpose is to inform, inspire, and motivate you the reader to feel empowered to step into the best version of yourself. Shifting the lens away from the old paradigm of mental health that focuses on ‘what is wrong with you’ towards a new lens that focuses on ‘what happened’ through a systems and trauma informed approach. We blend both the world of birth, that spans from freebirthing to elective cesarean birthing, with the world of mental and emotional health. With over 20 years of experience within the terrain of childbirth, peak performance, and psychological studies, we believe that we have something unique to lend to the conversation of perinatal mental health.

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Perinatal Mental Health Through a Different Lens - Trauma, Polyvagal, and Childbirth Informed. A Compassionate Systems Approach to Maternal Mental Health.


Motherhood Musings|ASK Therapy

At ASK Therapy for Moms We Are Passionate About Perinatal Mental Health. Our team is childbirth, trauma and polyvagal informed. We understand that your experience of becoming a mother, impacts the experience of being a mother.